77th ANNUAL Oregon Nisei Invitational Bowling Tournament November 25-27, 2022


$20.00 Per Person Per Event. Exception: Classics: $30.00

Bowling Lineage $10.00 · Expenses $1.00 · Prize Fund $9.00.  All prize fees returned 100%.  At least one prize for every five entries.


  • U.S.B.C. Rule 319a-1&3 shall apply to all entrants. U.S.B.C. Rule 319a-2 is not in effect. Use highest U.S.B.C. sanctioned book league average of 2021-22. If no book average then the current year average with a minimum of 21 games as of November 11, 2022 may be used.  All others bowl scratch.  Scratch shall be based on 230 for women and men.

  • Tournament prize winnings U.S.B.C. Rule 319d governs.  Previous tournament prize winnings governed by U.S.B.C. Rule 319d.

  • U.S.B.C. Rule 319e shall apply to all entrants.

  • Handicap based on 90% of 230 per entrant.

  • You may bowl only once with the same partner.

  • All entrants must be current members of U.S.B.C.

  • Open to all Asian descent or spouse of Asian descentNon-Asian participants must be an active member of a Nisei league/association. An active member is defined as having an established average and bowled 9 games prior to entry close date.

  • In case of dispute, U.S.B.C. rules will govern.  Any protest must be made in writing before prize money is awarded.  Decision of tournament manager shall be final, subject to right of appeal to U.S.B.C.

  • It is the responsibility of each bowler to verify the accuracy of his average (U.S.B.C. Rule 319a-3).  Failure to use correct average shall disqualify score and forfeiture of all prizes if submitted average is lower than correct average, thereby resulting in a lower classification or more handicap.  Prizes shall be based on the submitted average if it is higher than the correct average.

  • Bowlers without a 2021-22 book average must complete the current year average verification section and attach a copy of league sheet showing average as of November 11, 2022.  Failure to comply will result in bowler using a scratch average.  Bowlers must submit verification by entry deadline.
  • Entrants must bowl Singles & Doubles to be eligible for either.
  • Bowler’s scores from Mixed Team will be used with Singles & Doubles for All Events.
  • Entries will not be accepted after all squads are filled.


Entries Close Friday, November 18, 2022


Friday, November 25, 2022 

 5:00 pm – Mixed Doubles Squad #1

 7:00 pm – Six-Game Classic

Saturday, November 26, 2022 

  9:00 am – Mixed Doubles Squad # 2

11:00 am –  Mixed Doubles Squad # 3

  1:00 pm –  Lanes will be Oiled

  2:00 pm –  Mixed Team

Sunday, November 27, 2022 

9:00 am –  Women’s & Men’s Singles & Doubles