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Reminder about pre/post bowl hours: Times available to pre/post bowl for league are: Weekdays: open until 5 pm (must be finished by 5 pm, so arrive early enough 3-4 pm to finish 3 games) Monday through Thursday: 9 pm until close. Saturday/Sunday: open until noon. Post bowl MUST be complete by 5 pm Thursday before the next Friday of league.

Oregon Nisei Invitational Bowling League

2023-2024 Officers:
President: Dale Okazaki
Vice President: Rik Shiiki
Treasurer: Frances Tanaka
Secretary: Nancy Kajitsu

Rule #1. Bowler’s Eligibility

Any person of Asian descent or married to a person of Asian descent is eligible to bowl in this league. Non-Asian bowlers may bowl if sponsored by a majority of team captains.

All new bowlers wishing to join the league, must complete an application to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval by a majority of the team captains. “Non-eligible” members who have bowled in a prior season meet eligibility requirements without approval.

All new members joining the Oregon Nisei Bowling Invitational League must bowl at least nine (9) games in league to become an “Active Member.”

Rule #2. Management

The management of this league is vested in the Board of Directors, consisting of the officers (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) and team captains. The board may adopt League rules by a majority vote. A majority vote constitutes a quorum. The Board of Directors nominates the candidates for office for the following year and the full membership will vote for the officers.

Rule #3. Secretary/Treasurer Duties and Salary

The Secretary is paid $.25 per bowler per league night. Full payment is not authorized until the secretary has submitted final individual averages to USBC.

The Secretary duties will include handling the USBC Cards for each member, apply for sanctioning for League and tournaments, applying for awards of honor and submitting averages at the end of the bowling season.

The Treasurer duties will include payment of lineage each League night and depositing prize fund money weekly.

Rule #4. Fees

Each team is responsible for the $40 Sponsors fee for each year. This money may be used for any expenses needed by the League for flowers and cards.

Money not entirely used will be carried over to the following year.

All bowlers MUST pay USBC membership dues annually. The amount varies each year. Bowlers bowling in other leagues pay only once per season. Payment is separate from League Bowling.

The bowling fee will be $22 per week for the 2023-2024 Season. $16.75 will be paid to KingPins for each bowler each Friday for the 2023-2024 Season. Each team is responsible for $88 each League night unless otherwise arranged with the treasurer.

Rule #5. Trophies / Prize Money Distribution

Sponsors trophies will be given out to the First and Second Place teams. Cash prizes will be awarded to each team based on individual points. $250 will be allocated for the 2018-2019 Season and subsequent years. Any unused monies will be added to the prize fund.

This will be awarded at a final banquet at the end of the year.

The League treasurer shall prepare schedule based upon the approved sponsor’s franchise fee, bowling fees, secretary, treasurer salary and allotments of trophies for the year. A prize fund shall be submitted to the league for approval before the end of the first round of bowling.

The schedules shall be an attachment to the Rules for prize fund distribution. Adoption of the rules at the beginning of each bowling season is approved by the league.

Individual awards will be awarded for individual high game scratch and high game with handicap. Also, for high series scratch and handicap. A total of $320 for individual awards ($40 per category) will be allocated each season.

A. Women’s high game scratch
B. Women’s high game handicap
C. Women’s high series scratch
D. Women’s high series handicap
E. Men’s high game scratch
F. Men’s high game handicap
G. Men’s high series scratch
H. Men’s high series handicap

To qualify, a bowler must bowl at least 50% of scheduled league bowling. A bowler can only qualify in one category.

Scratch scores shall take precedence over handicap scores and series scores shall take precedence over game scores. If a tie occurs, all tied winners will be paid the full allocated amount (not divided between winners). Additional funds should be taken from Sponsor fee fund.

In the event that a team is unable to maintain a four (4) bowler roster and the league takes no action to address the shortage, the prize fund will be revised to cover the cost of lineage and loss of prize fund dollars collected.

The Treasurer will submit an accounting of the season’s finances, including opening and closing balances of bank accounts, along with the prize fund distribution list at the end of the season.

Rule #6. Handicap

Bowling handicap will be based on 90% of 220.

Rule #7. Entering Averages

For an entering average, bowlers will use the previous year’s ONIBL Book Average. If no ONIBL book average from the previous year, last year’s highest book average of 21 games or more will be used, until 3 weeks (9 games) have been bowled in the league.

To establish a handicap in this league, a bowler may use a current average for 21 games. They will follow same rules as ONIBL. This average must be verified by the league secretary before the bowler joins the league. Those without a book average may establish after three (3) games have been bowled.

Rule #8. Team Rosters

A team roster may be comprised of four (4) bowlers each night. (This is a mixed league).

Each team captain will turn in a roster of not more than nine (9) bowlers. It is your choice to bowl on other teams.

Roving substitute bowlers may be asked to pay or a team may choose to pay for the absentee bowler. This will be left up to each team’s discretion.

Rule #9. Team Captain’s Duties

Team captains are responsible for the eligibility, conduct and attendance of the team. Captains are a team’s representative on the Board of Directors.

It is the team captain’s responsibility to collect annual franchise fee, ensure the team’s bowling fees are paid and gain knowledge of USBC and ONIBL rules and regulations. This includes the choice of having a substitute bowler pay or the absent bowler pay. If a substitute pays, they need to be added to the team roster in your payment envelope.

Team captains on the odd number lane (left lane) will put their lineup in first. The right lane may match up however they want.

Rule #10. Tardy Bowlers

Tardy bowlers have until the 5th frame of the first game. The tardy bowler must be ready to bowl before the last bowler has bowled their 5th frame.

Rule #11. Absentee Scores

An absentee score is allowed when a team has a legal lineup (minimum of 2 bowlers). The absentee score is the bowler’s average, minus 10 pins, of the absent bowler with the most games on the team roster. If there are 2 absentees, the average less 10 pins of the absent bowler with the next highest number of games will be used. When two absent bowlers have the same number of games, the higher average bowler’s score will be used.

Rule #12. Team Standings

A point system of 21 points/ 7 points per game will be used in this league. Points will be awarded for 1 point per individual game won and 3 points for the game’s team total. Ties will be ½ (.5) point for individuals and 1½ points for team.

The league schedule is composed of three rounds. Each round will consist of 10 weeks with the 11th week a position round. The last week will be used as a “sweepers” night unless there are ties for the overall total points for the season. Scores for the 34th week will count toward averages.

If there are an odd number of teams, the Board of Directors will address the issue with a vote. Each round’s standings is determined solely by the games won by each team during that particular round. Teams begin each round with zero wins and zero losses.

The league championship is determined by the total points won for the entire year.

To begin the 2021-2022 Season, there were 13 teams. Therefore, each week, one team needed to bowl against a blind opponent. For the purposes of scoring ONLY, another league team was chosen by random draw to be the opponent. (The chosen team did not gain or lose any points from this designation.)

Rule #13. Playoff

In the event of a tie at the end of the season, there will be a playoff between the teams. Winner will be determined by total pins plus handicap for the three-game series playoff. The pair of lanes will be selected by draw.

Rule #14. Position Rounds – Scheduling lane assignments

First round – in the event of a tie, positions will be determined by total pins.

Second and Third Rounds – in the event of a tie, positions are determined by total overall points, then by scratch total pins for the round.

In the event of odd numbered teams, the last place team will bowl blind against the scores of the lowest placing even numbered team. (In the case of 13 teams, the 13th placed team bowls blind against the scores of the team in 12th place.)

Team members must have bowled at least 3 weeks (9 games) to bowl in Position Rounds. Roving substitutes are NOT allowed for Position Rounds. If eligible team members are not available to pre/post bowl, Rule #11 Absentee Scores will be used.

Rule #15. Starting Time

All games start at 6:30. Practice begins at 6:15.

Schedule and lane assignments are determined by USBC schedule and table.

Rule #16. Postponed Games

All regular weekly postponed games must be made up prior to 5 PM Thursday before the next scheduled league night. With the approval of the league secretary, teams and individuals may pre/post bowl unopposed. A team pre/post bowling will contact the opposing team of their intention and ask opposing team to pre/post bowl with them.

If a team or individual(s) prebowl and the league session is subsequently cancelled, the prebowled scores will be deemed null and void and the team / individual(s) are allowed to bowl the rescheduled league session.

Rule #17. Executive Board Meetings

The executive board will meet outside of league no less than every 5 weeks to ensure league accuracy, finances and address any other issues.

USBC Rules and regulations shall govern all situations not included in the rules and regulations as written above.

Rule #19. Special COVID Social Distancing

In order to maintain social distancing, the league will require one set of table/chairs to remain vacant in the approach area and that team will sit on the upper deck while not bowling.

Rule #20. League Cancellations / Postponements

In cases of inclement weather, if the bowling center is open, we bowl.

In other cases when league may need to be cancelled, if at least 3 Board Members request a cancellation/postponement, the Board of Directors will be polled. The ballot will be distributed NO LATER THAN noon of that Friday. The deadline for voting will be NO LATER THAN 3:00 PM of that Friday. The voting window must be at least 3 (three) hours. Deadline may be earlier than 3:00 PM provided a 3 (three) hour minimum is met.

A simple majority of the votes cast by the deadline will prevail.

Submitted by Rik Shiiki for Nancy Kajitsu, Secretary ONIBL

August 25, 2023
REVISED: August 25, 2023

Fall Tournament Schedule

  • 2023: Bio-Logic Inc. (#6) and Alpenrose Dairy (#8)
  • 2024: Music Millennium (#13) and Fix Auto Gresham (#7)
  • 2025: Larry’s Pro 2 (#4) and River City Rush (#14)
  • 2026: Air Pro Heating & AC (#1) and Team Jones (#3)
  • 2027: Kern Park Flower Shoppe (#12) and Grocery Outlet (#9)
  • 2028: Fujii Farms (#5) and House of Pixen (#10)
  • 2029: Bamboo Grove (#2) and Larry’s Pro Shop 1 (#11)